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The record of a hearing or trial in court is now created digitally; the court reporter as guardian of the record is no more. When a transcript is required, the Ministry of the Attorney General, through its agent, has implemented a list of “Authorized Court Transcriptionists” (ACT) where parties must select from a multitude of transcriptionists. Are all of those on the list created equally? Not a chance.

Kim Neeson is the most qualified, experienced and proficient transcriber to appear on that list.

With over 35 years in the court reporting business, and with a breadth and depth of knowledge unmatched by the transcribers you will find listed, Kim has carefully engaged a small cadre of ACT transcribers whom she has personally vetted and approved for transcription work under the Neesons banner.

Don’t throw a dart at a list and risk your client’s record. By ordering your court transcripts with Neesons, you are assured of the following:

  •   Approved transcribers with superlative competency and professionalism
  •   Transcripts prepared at Ministry-approved rates and meeting Ministry-approved guidelines
  •   Our transcription division’s typically fast turnaround times
  •   Transcripts available in a number of electronic formats that will work with current litigation-support software

How do I obtain a transcript?

Download the form and email it to our office. We will follow up with you once we have received your email.

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High-quality transcription of audio recordings prepared by Canadian professionals with relevant legal, business and educational knowledge and experience.

  • police statements
  • witness statements
  • interviews
  • 911 calls
  • voice mail messages
  • webcasts
  • meetings
  • corporate events
  • hearings

Need an accurate record of a recording? It’s what we do!